I like alleyways and so can you!

There’s no deep metaphorical reference or profound connections that I’ll draw here. In short, thanks to a recent trip to Barcelona, Spain I’ve grown an affinity for alleyways.

Sure, as you may know, in Barcelona there is a lot of impressive architectural works like Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia (slated for completion in the next decade or so) but for some reason, unassuming alleyways caught my attention too.

Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia – a 100 year construction project slated for completion in 2026

Late last year, as part of a work trip to Chicago, I snapped the photo below that struck me as cool for some inexplicable reason. So cool, in fact, that it made it to the prime real estate that is my iPhone’s home and lock screens. Impressive, I know.

The Chicago Alley that started it all? Across from the Chicago Theater (N Holden Court)

Barcelona Alleys

Here I’ll end with the pre-amble and show you the mundane but beauty that is Barcelona Alleyways:

An alley in El Gotic


Carrer de Sant Pere Más Alt


Musicians perform for passers by on Carrer de la Pietat


On the way to Sunday Brunch with Friends in the Villa de Gracia area


A self-portrait in a Catalonia alley (Carrer de Torrijos) with a Catalan rally and concert in the background


Carrer de Verdi


Cool archway shot in Plaza Real


Carrer d’En Carabassa in El Gotic

Cool, right? I think so. While touristing in some of these alleys, I was surprised just about every time a car would creep up behind me (especially the near-silent electric mail cars) because you (I) don’t assume that the alleys are roadways given their narrowness.