My Favourite Things: @smallcatapp by @chendo

In this internet age there is an abundance of creative minds putting their talents to use in creating tools to improve our everyday lives. Sure, some projects are made to fit less-than-actually-useful purposes but others are pretty novel in what they offer – and often times offer for free. In what I hope will become a series of mine, I introduce to you “My Favourite Things”: an exposé on some of the interesting sites/services/apps I’ve come across and want to pass along. For my introductory post, I’d like to show you (@smallcatapp) by @chendo.

The internet is an expansive maze of blogs, social media posts, memes and the occasional addicting tumblr sites. Navigating these sites can start off harmlessly enough. For example, let’s say you start off at

StumbleUpon's homepage URL.

Simple enough, right? Pretty easy-to-remember and spell domain name that readies you at your starting point for what will inevitably become a time suck. A couple clicks later you find yourself on a pretty interesting stumble with this beauty of a link that you want to share:

A few clicks on StumbleUpon later...
A few clicks later on StumbleUpon…

I don’t know about you but that’s an eyesore and definitely worthy of judgment (and even suspicion) among my friends in any iMessage conversation or email. Enter is a URL shortening app with a simple twist on its utilitarian purpose – it produces easily spoken URLs turning your horrendous links my earlier StumbleUpon monstrosity: homepage

into dead simple, pronounceable words like:

Brilliantly shortened URL

That’s all there is to by @chendo. Keep it in mind the next time you want to make your share links less intimidating.