Engage Your Career/Industry / How I Got Started

I apologize ahead of time for the anecdotal nature of this post but I just want to share it and possibly motivate others on the outskirts of doing what they really want to do. In short, this a review of how I got started in web development and startup culture in Miami, Florida.

TL;DR: Think you want to get into a particular industry? Reach out to the people in it on a personal level to find out more and get connected. Think it through with your family, friends and those wiser than yourself. It helps.

I didn’t have the cleanest final college separation. Through my own deficiency I was stuck on campus for an extra couple of weeks into the summer following my final semester to finish my senior thesis – the only requirement remaining from my 4-year pitstop in college. Knowing that I was behind, finishing my thesis had been my focus for the entirety of that final Spring semester and of course for those few summer weeks. I had no job prospects lined up after the summer and I could not handle applying and interviewing for them either. I had no prior career-related internships. What employer would want a fresh Computer Science and Philosophy Double Major almost graduate in a software development position without experience? The chances seemed somewhat slim, in my opinion at the time, for actual graduates much less anyone with lesser credentials. Continue reading Engage Your Career/Industry / How I Got Started