Weekend Project: TabZolo.co

With the popularity of InboxZero as a movement for being more productive with email and the getting things done¬†methodology, I had an idea that lent itself to being more productive with one’s Internet browsing. It also lent itself to a technical curiosity I had: figuring out how to develop Google Chrome extensions. This is my recap of how TabZolo came to be.

I’m a web developer and use Google Chrome as my default browser like many others. My browsing habits tend to lead me to having multiple tabs open in any given session. Most times these tabs are unrelated to the tab I’m actively looking at, assuming that I’m even actually using my browser at the time as opposed to having it minimized for later. For example, as I write this, I have six other tabs open with one playing an awesome Diplo & Friends mix, another with Gmail open, the InboxZero homepage, etc…Other times, say when casually browsing daily news sources, I’ll end up opening up several tabs after seeing their headlines on previous pages, or links within articles I’m reading. It can get a little crazy at times and just add to my mental list of ToDos when they’re not really that important. What if at the end of your browsing session, you actually completed what you set out to do when you fired up your browser instead of getting sidetracked by secondary content? That’s where the seed idea for TabZolo came about.

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